5–In which I forbid you from trying the actions carried out in this chapter

Let me draw your attention towards the title of this chapter. If you haven’t done so already, read it carefully and pay heed to those words. I don’t want to be responsible for accidents in which readers have attempted driving out on the coast and into the sea. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to do so, but it’s a secret that Felicians have kept for several decades and I’m not going to be the one to betray them.

Now, that that’s cleared up, let’s proceed with the story.

Charlie squeezed his eyes shut and prepared himself for the expected submerging of the CRV. He was in this position for several minutes before he released that he wasn’t surrounded by the salty deep. “What’s happening?”

“Look out the window, Charlie,” said Neola.

The CRV was moving on top of the water as if there was something solid beneath the waves. “You can’t drive on the water!” exclaimed Charlie.

“You can if you know the right roads,” replied Neola, her green eyes gleaming. Charlie was tempted to open the door and let his hand slide along the surface of the water to feel for anything solid underneath but trusted his better judgement and restrained himself.

“Oh my God, you were so freaked out!” said Emma, laughing loudly. “It was priceless!” She reached out and ruffled Charlie’s hair. Charlie felt his face become warm and he could only imagine how red it must have turned. Thinking about his embarrassment made him even more embarrassed, turning his face a deeper shade of crimson. It was a ruthless cycle, poor guy.

The blue CRV skimmed along the ocean. After a tingle of pleasure had travelled all the way from her smile to her toes, Emma pressed her face to the window. It was a pretty amazing sight and definitely not what she had been expecting. Emma gaped when she saw the myriad of colourful fish swimming alongside them. “Don’t be such an idiot,” she muttered to herself. “Of course there are fish in the ocean!” But these fish didn’t look like anything Emma had ever seen. Their scales shone brightly like hidden treasures in the warm sunlight.

Curiosity tugged inside Emma’s chest as she kept her eyes on the view outside. It’s overwhelming to look at something so vast and deep as the ocean. That’s when you realise just how little you know about the world around you. There’s so much to explore and learn. And that’s exactly how Emma felt as she kept her eyes trained on the waves and the fish and the coral she could just make out. How insignificant we all are in this universe yet we so easily believe that the universe revolves around us.

Emma’s thoughts were interrupted as she felt herself being stared at again. The hair on the back of her neck prickled. She turned to see Charlie looking at her, his face beet red. She grinned at him and turned to face the window quickly. She knew he liked her. And she was pretty sure that he knew that she knew. He wasn’t hiding it that well. Either way, she didn’t mind. She liked having someone under her power.


After a couple of hours of sweet sleep, Charlie felt himself being prodded at in the shoulder. He opened his eyes groggily to see Neola grinning widely at him. He hadn’t realised that he’d fallen asleep. He immediately checked the corners of his mouth for drool and wished that he could remember whether he had snored or not. His thoughts were interrupted before he could come to a proper and reasonable conclusion.

“We’re nearly there, kiddo,” said Neola. “Trust me, you don’t want to miss the view.”

It was midday and the sky was covered with fluffy clouds which cast dark shadows upon practically everything—the ocean, the blue CRV, Charlie’s head which was sticking out of the window. However, they failed to shadow one thing: my home.

The blue CRV was fast approaching a group of islands, some bigger than others. The largest of them all was the most beautiful. A towering castle surrounded by vivid colours and small houses; a large expanse of gloomy trees; neatly kept farmland.

“We’re here,” said Neola. She felt warmth rush to her heart as she set her eyes on the beloved island which nothing could cast a shadow on. “Welcome to Felicity.”


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