Felicity is a novel I’m working on. I had originally posted it on Wattpad but they closed my account (my username was hanuman1702). Instead, I’ve started this blog to share my work. Any feedback will be very much appreciated. Enjoy!

List of Chapters

Part I

1–In which we say “hello”

2–In which we learn that purple make-up doesn’t suit everyone

3–In which children are heartless

4–In which I remind you to always keep your eyes on the road

5–In which I forbid you from trying the actions carried out in this chapter

6–In which we learn that growing up is overrated

7–In which you’ll see that at times, it’s best to be quiet

8–In which you wonder why anyone would voyage to Felicity

9–In which you should distrust Celicia

10–In which I remind you to think before you speak

11–In which listening to the news is a good habit

12–In which you wonder about the relationship between Jebel and Neola

 13–In which we observe knots

14–In which you learn to never sit underneath a chandelier